After Hurricane Sandy_World Mission Society Church of God_God the Mother_Christ AhnSahngHong_WMSCOG_Heavenly Mother_Truth

[Volunteer Relief Efforts] After Hurricane Sandy & World Mission Society Church of God_Heavenly Mother_God the Mother_WMSCOG_Christ AhnSahngHong

For 15 days, volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God helped more than 20 families clean up their homes devastated by Super storm Sandy in New York:  Staten Island, Breezy Point, and Rockaway. Also in New Jersey: Toms River, Union Beach, Ridgewood, and the nearest town of Ridgewood.
Rebuilding the hope with Mother’s love the volunteers erected tents and comforted residents with warm beverages, food, toiletries, clothes and other supplies. East Coast Branch churches, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico members of the Church of God also supported Sandy relief.



Mother’s love cannot be described in words.
Such deep affection can only be felt through acts of love.
Following the example of our Heavenly Mother, beautiful actions flow naturally from our hearts.
We no longer think of ourselves first, but others.
Through simple acts of kindness, and large scale volunteer efforts, our place in the world, and our impact on it, are changing radically.

* God the Mother has come to the earth for your salvation according to the bible prophecies.

Now, it’s time to come to Heavenly Mother, our Spiritual Mother who give us eternal life

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[Essay] A Child created with Mother’s Marrow._ God the Mother_Christ AhnSahngHong_WMSCOG_World Mission Society Church of God_ Heavenly Mother_Truth

The World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)  was founded by Ahnsahnghong-nim in Korea in 1964, and its key messages are the second coming of Jesus as a man and the existence of God the Mother according to the prophecies of the Bible.

I would like to thank Father and Mother once again for Their wonderful plan and purpose, by which They have come to this earth in the flesh. I would also like to thank Them for blessing us to recognize and receive Them.


[Essay] A Child created with Mother’s Marrow. 

Being sick, mother had to go to the hospital.

Since I couldn’t manage to take a day off from my work, my brother-in-law took her.

The doctor said it was a miracle that she is walking with her legs in pain.

Tears ran down my eyes.

I decided to quit my job and nurse her while she was getting an operation.

One day, I happen to hear the doctor saying something in the patient’s room.

Mothers’ bone cannot be maintained well since mothers tend to leave all the nutritious food for their children and not for themselves.

That is why many mothers have operations for arthritis.

Subtly, my mom was lending out everything for me.

To not make her child to have hard times, she has hidden all her pains and lived a life for me.

I forgot it all. That Heavenly Mother has been secreting all the marrow from her bones, giving it all for this lacking child.

I forgot that I was Her child, a child who has been created with Heavenly Mother’s marrow.

I love You Mother. Forever…

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[Essay] Even giving a share of her liver _God the Mother_Christ AhnSahngHong_WMSCOG_World Mission Society Church of God_ Heavenly Mother_Truth

[Essay] Even giving a share of her liver child3

Trying to see the weather forecast, I turned on the TV.
Changing channels, I stopped; something caught my eyes.
The child seemed to be like a two year old and looked very sick.

The child was suffering genetic metabolic disorder.

As a result, the child had developmental disorder, since the he couldn’t digest specific nutrients, and couldn’t walk but crawl.
The child had to receive a liver transplant to be cured.
Holding her child, the mother just shed endless tears.
The mother decided to give her liver to her child.
The mother and the child were hospitalized together.
The child cried because of pain and fear.
Though the mother had to go through many examinations, she cried feeling sorry for her child instead of her pain.
The mother gave her child one third of her liver.
Right after the child woke up from anesthetic, he was looking for his mother.


Mother is a person that can only be described with limited words, that is, ‘love.’ She really has something that is so great.
It reminded me about Heavenly Mother who is always sorry thinking that is insufficient, even though She gives out all of Her flesh and blood.
My God the Mother, who is still praying for me…
I give thanks again and again…

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[essay] A little assistant given by Mother _God the Mother_Christ AhnSahngHong_WMSCOG_World Mission Society Church of God_ Heavenly Mother_Truth

World Mission Society Church of God believes in Heavenly Mother(God the Mother) and Christ AhnSahngHong as Saviors in this age of Holy Spirit on the basis of the Records in the bible. 

Christ AhnSahngHong is our God the Father as the Second Coming Christ and Heavenly Mother is our God the Mother as Source of Living water. (Zec14:8)

God Elohim, who have all authority in heaven and on earth, have given us the authority to decide the future of mankind and commanded us to go.

Therefore, Let us preach the glory of the New Jerusalem(Heavenly Mother; God the Mother) to the whole world as children of Elohim in this age,  so that all mankind will be saved in the arms of Heavenly Mother and enter the eternal kingdom of heaven together……..< WMSCOG >

 [essay] A little assistant given by Mother

Why did You wear the clothes of a sinner
and come to this earth
for this sinful child full of faults?
For what are these sinners to You
that You give us love that is deep and broad like the sea,
and give us the courage
becoming the resting place for our souls?

Oh, Mother
I earnestly shout to You
I love You
I thank You
I love You eternally

This is a poem written by my eldest daughter who is in the 5th grade, after the recent third day worship.

The sermon of that day was about ‘Mother’s love.’ I guess with a child’s mind she was touched, and when we got home, she wrote this poem with colorful pencils.

Reading this poem, I felt that a child’s love towards Mother is as deep as the grownups’.

My eldest child is my little gospel assistant.

She usually practices the teachings of Mother and greets people in a loud voice with a smile.

When the elders praise her, she smiles and says to me that God will also be happy about it.

She cannot work for the gospel since she is still young, but it was lovely seeing her efforts practicing the smallest things that she can afford.
She quickly wants to become a part of the student members so that she can bring friends to Zion, and tell them about God the Mother.

When I couldn’t possibly stop home once in a while,  she feeds her eight year old sister and takes her to the institute.

When I am exhausted with the hot weather, she plays the piano; the new song, for me.

I didn’t do anything for my child.

I am just thankful to God the Father and God the Mother, making my child to realize and practice the teachings of Mother by herself.

I also thank God Elohim for filling up my lacking areas through my child, and for giving our family such a great blessing.

I will repay for God the Father and God the Mother’s grace by practicing the teachings of Mother with a thankful mind.

 Mother thank You.. I truly love You.

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Mother’s burning love melts the frozen heart more cold than ice_Christ AhnSahngHong_God the Mother_World Mission Society Church of God_ WMSCOG_Truth

Here~!!! God the Almighty came to this earth in the flesh, having left the glory of heaven behind, even a second time, with the single-minded desire to save us, His children. So, World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG) believes in Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly mother(God the Mother) who came as saviors in the age of holy spirit according to all prophecies of the Bible.

[essay] Mother’s burning love melts the frozen heart more cold than ice

In all seasons, my hands are always cold.
During summer, others cool down their hands exhausted by the heat, into mine.winter1
Afterwards during winter, feeling sorry for my hands they hold my hands on to theirs and thaw.
Though I do not have any concept with these situations that I have faced for quite a while, I guess my mom doesn’t.
When I arrived home after being outside for a while, she puts my icy cold hands near the fireplace.
“Gosh, why are your hands so cold?”
My mom will then place her hands on to mine and would stay still with me sitting by the fireplace.
My hands were still cold even though I put my gloves on during winter, or stay inside the warm house. Having pity with my cold hands and wanting to share her warmth, she just silently holds my hands for a while.
I didn’t take it too seriously since this happened to me all the time during winter, but thawing my hands quietly today, I think I just took my mom’s earnest heart too inattentively all the while.

flower1 Casting my mind back, I think I considered Heavenly Mother’s love this way.
Heavenly Mother would always look at me, smile, hold my small hands and hold me in her arms, having pity for this foolish daughter. But this foolish daughter didn’t even consider Her heart and just looked at Her vacantly.
Even till now Heavenly Mother always smiles and stays in the same place.
Oh how vast Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother’s love may be that they thaw this child’s cold heart, making me realize Their noble love?
Being thankful for that love, I bury my heart in a noble picture of our Heavenly Mother.
Then, I somewhat thaw my foolish, icy heart.

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My Mother _God the Mother_Chrsit AhnSahngHong_WMSCOG_World Mission Society Church of God_ Heavenly Mother_Truth

[essay] My Mother_God the Mother_Chrsit AhnSahngHong_WMSCOG_World Mission Society Church of God_ Heavenly Mother_Truth 


When it started to thaw, in the warm weather, young buds showed their little faces on the scraggy branch. I don’t know why they were in a hurry today, since they were washing their faces in the moist spring rain. The colors of the blacktop roads looked so clear because all their stains were washed away. The rooftops and the people hustling themselves holding their umbrellas, they all looked so beautiful that I was just staring at them. As I stared, it reminded me of something that had happened long time ago.
I guess it happened during my second year of elementary school… There was a stepping stone that we had to pass from home to school, which meant the heavy rain was indeed a great concern for the whole village.
It was a day when it was bucketing down.The time had passed when I was supposed to be at home, and my mom gradually became anxious, so she just couldn’t stay there.
In the blustering wind, standing under the eaves on the other side of the river, she just waited for me to appear.

Did 30 minutes just passed? As she saw me dimly, she began to cross the river with an umbrella.
The black water swallowing up the stepping stone was just a thing of a past. The situation was getting worse. Shortly,the violent water has already licked up mom’s lower body.

However, mom managed to cross the river.
But the real problem started from now on. Though I was a young child, it wasn’t an easy task for her to cross the river that was becoming more violent, with me on her back. Especially with a woman’s body, it was much more difficult to handle.

Besides, the floating rubbish joining along with the river speeded up the situation to become even worse.
Since she knew well that she couldn’t just stay still, she handed me an opened umbrella and said, “Hold it tight.”

Carrying me on her back, strongly wrinkling and releasing the middle of her forehead, she carefully turned her step.
One step, two step… And that was when she missed her step.
With a sudden, mom lost her balance and her body titled to the left, and at the same time, my left leg went into the black river’s mouth.
My mom’s face became pale…  But shortly something came across her face and she gradually managed to keep her balance.  And so, we could safely cross the river.child1

“Phew… Are you hurt?”
“No, I’m fine. Aren’t you tired mom?”

“I’m fine. Come along,you must be hungry…”

Walking along with her steps that wouldn’t quicken, I kept on thinking of her expression that she made at that instant. It wasn’t simply an expression of her will, but it was a mother figure with a convulsive effort, to protect the child’s life that was much more important than hers.   It was truly a mother figure.,

_Source from: ‘Pearl of life’ / SH culturalhistory_



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[essey] “Thank You Mother”_ God the Mother_Chrsit AhnSahngHong_WMSCOG_World Mission Society Church of God_ Heavenly Mother_Truth

Have U ever thought about Heavenly Mother( New Jerusalem Mother; God the mother) and Her Love for U?IMG_5464-1

According to God’s Word in the Bible (Gal 4:26-28)(1John 2:25),

Eternal life can only be given by God the Mother who has eternal life. Without Heavenly Mother, there is no eternal life that you have desired.

She is only concerned about Her children and waiting for U until now , there are no words to describe Heavenly Mother‘s Love.

So, come to the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) where God the Mother dwells and waiting for!

[essey]  “Thank You Mother”

One day, when a cold wave came over for few days, I went to pick up my child in the nursery after work.

Since it wasn’t far from our house, I thought it was better for me to carry him on my back since it was windy.Aimlessly, I carried him on my back and went outside.

But the wind was severe. My suit was uncomfortable, the bag was heavy, and my five-year-old child’s weight wasn’t like the way it used to be.

My child rather enjoyed the cool air, took off his hat and wriggled on my back, which made me feel more exhausted.

I had a runny nose because of the cold wind, I twisted my ankle wearing high heels because my child wouldn’t stay still, it made me hard to walk, and my wrist holding the heavy bag was so sore.

I wanted to put him down and tell him to walk by himself, but I couldn’t possibly do that since his clothes were too thin for him to walk in the cold wind.

I was so exhausted that made me cry.

At the entrance, my arms were drained out of energy and I almost threw him down. When I started to feel sorry for him, he said, “Thank you mom.” My child who wouldn’t possibly know his mom’s heart kept on saying “Mom, I’m about to fall!” saying to me to pull him up. I couldn’t say anything. So shedding my tears, I repeatedly pulled him up and we barely arrived home.

When I heard that, all the difficulties that I thought I had coming home became nothing.

I started to smile and my child looked so adorable.

Then, I started to think I also wanted to be a lovable child to Heavenly Mother.

Not being immature, but at least knowing how to consider Heavenly Mother’s heart with words of thanks.

Mother, I truly thank You for giving love to this immature child.

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